Paul Mathews

ARTICLE BY - October 7, 2019

We have a Mustang 38 at FSC. My partner required some small job to be done on our boat and called Alex and the team at All Marine Services. The job was carried out on time and on budget. Just after this time over the Christmas break the boat had problems at Rottnest. Again we called Alex. He not only took the call over the holiday period but set about organising to have the boat lifted and repaired. From that time on we used All Marine Services to maintain our boat. This included monthly cleaning, arranging for antifouling etc. They even send you a reminder to advise when the job needs to be done. To have the piece of mind to have someone on call if there is a problem or to ask a question is fantastic. Once when I went down to the boat the rear bilge pump was broken. Concerned I called Alex and within 10 minutes the pump was fixed. I highly recommend Alex and the crew at All Marine Services. My experience has been fantastic and I know that anybody using them will also.

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