Top 4 Boat Upgrades You Must Go For

ARTICLE BY - September 30, 2022
Top 4 Boat Upgrades You Must Go For

Own a boat? We bet you want your vessel to look all decked up. And while certain upgrades like installing a brand new motor or purchasing high-quality upholstery can redefine the way your ride looks, they can actually prevent your boat from possible damage and increase its value over time. 

Moreover, there are actually a lot of boat detailing Perth options that you can go for to keep your boat clean and waxed for a longer time. For instance, you can contact your local professional and go for services like boat polishing, oxidation removal, boat waxing, sealant application, surface decontamination, interior detailing and stainless steel polishing. 

Regardless, here are the top 4 boat detailing upgrades you must go for to increase the value of your decks. 

Invest In A Good Motor

If the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to boat detailing is upgrading the front outboard, it might not be a great choice. 


For starters, upgrading the outboard might cost the same as purchasing a new boat. In fact, it might cost a lot more in some cases. 

So, instead of spending a lot on the outboard, spend on what’s on the inside. Yes, we’re talking about the motors. And, instead of investing in an already existing engine, buy a new motor. Depending upon the model you choose and the brand, a good quality motor might start from 1,000 AUD. 

Moving forth, a new motor is actually a great investment as it would mean better performance and low fuel consumption. In addition to this, you might be able to explore more riding options and open the doors to new boat accessories Perth

Consider Seat Upholstery

It’s true that the first thing to deteriorate on your boat is the upholstery. The water, sun, dust, sand and wind might take a toll on the seat fabrics resulting in ugly, worn-out covers. 

And if your boat is new, it is best to invest in better quality upholstery which would make the furniture look new. Moreover, good quality seat covers will also promote greater functionality and comfort. 

When getting a seat upgrade, it is best to get the seat bases inspected. The bases are usually built with composite materials that might lose their charm with frequent water exposure. 

Add A Touch With Carpets

Honestly, an upgrade should be all about better comfort. And a brand-new, neutral-coloured carpet would not only bring optimal comfort but also the grace to the overall appeal of the boat. 

But, like any other upholstery, you would have to go for frequent carpet cleaning and maintenance to keep the carpets in a single piece. 

Think About The Seating Arrangements

When you buy a boat, your ride might have come with a bunch of pedestal bases for lacing your furniture. You could go for additional upgrades like a back seat for a comfortable fishing experience or a mount, perfect for water sports and entertainment. 

Summing Up

When it comes to boat detailing, there are a number of options you can keep in mind. It could either be purchasing the best upholstery or going for minimalistic seats or couches. Regardless of what you go for, it is best to make a budget for your upgrades and make sure you stick to it. 

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