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High Speed Fairing Block for Furuno Transducers


High speed fairing block suitable for twin transducer installations up to 3kW.

With the release of the award winning FCV-295 sounder consumers were left scratching their head to work out a practical way of mounting the large high powered transducers needed for the best performance of this new sounder.


Exhaustive testing revealed power losses of up to 70% when mounting these transducers in a wet box arrangement or on transom brackets. The best alternative was the conventional fairing block method.

As no fairing block was available for the numerous transducer configurations required so we decided to manufacture our own capable of housing two transducers. Usually the 2kW 200B-8B along with another in 2kW or 3kW size.

For several years now we have been supplying and installing the quality Furuno transducers in our own fibreglass fairing block.


Testing has shown performance gains over the previous wet box and transom mount arrangements with bottom picture stable at high speeds.

The fairing block is obviously quite large however on sea trials we haven’t noticed any adverse trim or performance issues with a single fairing block mounted on one side of the hull and we have installed these fairing blocks on vessels from 20’ upwards in length.


Please specify which transducers you plan to run as we have two fairing blocks available to suit the 2kW and 3kW transducers.

We can supply the fairing block pre-cut for the intended transducers.

Small Fairing Block (SFB) L 830mm x W 150mm x H 130mm

Large Fairing Block (LFB) L 900mm x W 185mm x H 190mm

For further technical information, specifications and options please contact


Large Fairing Block + $1,290.00, Small Fairing Block + $990.00


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