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AIRMAR Weather Station 220WX

As per the 120WX plus the following features. True wind and speed, 3 axis accelerometer for pitch and roll, 3 axis solid state compass, built in GPS. Supports NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 protocols. For further information please contact

Apparent and Theoretical Wind Speed and Direction
Barometric Pressure
Air and Wind Chill Temperature
Relative Humidity (field serviceable option)
GPS Position, Speed Over Ground, Course Over Ground
3 Axis Solid State Compass with dynamic stabilization
3 Axis Rate Gyro – Rate of Turn

3 Axis Accelerometer – Best-in-Class Pitch & Roll performanceOutput via a single cable (not included)

NMEA0183 protocol over RS232 interphase and NMEA2000 protocol over CAN BUS

For further information please contact


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