Know, why Marine Electronics is top choice for marine services

ARTICLE BY - July 4, 2022
Know, why Marine Electronics is top choice for marine services

Marine Electronics, Perth is one of the most reliable hub for boat building, repairing and restoring for quite a long time. The company is the top choice for traditional boat building and repairing. It is known to use the ultra-modern technology to deliver the best results possible. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the interior, paint the exterior or install the latest equipment, the company technicians will accomplish the task skilfully. It also offers a regular detailing service and annual maintenance programme. It is imperative  to service the boat, according to the manual schedule. In fact, this schedule helps in deciding, when it is the right time to have the boat engine and other components serviced. Our experienced watercraft technicians maintain the boat or vessel’s functionality impressively. They also install the needed accessories just to ensure the best possible experience in the water. It is advisable that to get service, don’t wait until the boat has developed snags as periodic maintenance is necessary. Of course, the boat owners can do some maintenance on their own, the complicated services require professional hands. The experts handle serious issues like engines and electronics  with precision. As the master of boat related skills, the experts at Marine Electronics, Perth help maintaining the boat correctly.


The benefits of hiring us

Specialized tools and technology: Today, marine engines, electronics and other components are complicated and need a thorough expert to deal with. Moreover, it requires specialized tools and equipment. Our marine repair service helps you completely. The end of the summer is the time that many vessel owners prepare their boats for winter storage. For the warranty to remain valid, the boat engine needs to be repaired annually at the very least.


Realistic cost estimate: As prominent boat dealers in Perth, we provide a detailed work order with a realistic cost estimate. This gives you an idea of what the repairs will probably cost. We also provide a realistic estimate of, how long it is going to take to complete the repair process. Being one of the most reputed marine service providers, we also generate an electronic invoice after the work is completed perfectly.


Well-trained technicians: Our marine technicians are highly qualified and certified professionals and thus, our service department is well-organized. These technicians are long associated with us and have passed very challenging test before joining the most efficient team. Our training programs are intensive and hence, the technician group is the most competent and reliable workforce.


Why choose us:


  Offering all marine services.

  Qualified staff with decades of international exposure.

  Knowledge and competence in all aspects of boat repairs .

  24×7 support service from the most competent staff.

  Precise electrical repair and installation.

  Diagnosis and repair of minor and major problems.

  The best-in-the-class service in exterior, interior and engine and machinery space.   


We specialize in:

  Custom work including hardtop, swim platforms and transducer housing.

  Boat detailing in exterior, interior and engine and machinery space.

  Polishing and waxing including Hull, topsides and interior gloss finishes.

  Boat building, such as design, mould making and plug making,    

  Shipwright with interior and exterior repairs and fabrication.

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