Crucial Boat Supplies That You Should Obtain Before Heading Out

ARTICLE BY - March 23, 2022
Crucial Boat Supplies That You Should Obtain Before Heading Out

There’s no denying that boat parts tend to wear & tear over time, leading to the parts becoming unusable. Hence, if you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, you need to ensure that you have spare boat supplies at all times, especially when you’re heading out with your boat on the water. 

To help you out with the proper selection of boat parts and accessories, we have formulated a crucial guide that you should follow in its entirety. 

Critical Boat Supplies & Parts To Have Before Heading Out On A Journey

  1. The Fuses

There’s no doubt that fuses are always prone to blowing and when they blow, the electrical circuits surrounding the same become useless. Minor fuse blowouts can happen to something like the onboard stereo system, while major fuse blowouts can happen to the boat motor. Hence, it’s always suggested to keep spare fuses with you at all times, especially fuses for your boat’s main engine. 

  1. The Spark Plugs

A broken or cracked spark plug can quickly stop your boat motor without any warnings. Thus, it’s wise to have spare spark plugs with you, so that you can perform emergency repairs. 

  1. The Hoses

Rubber hoses will only be a few feet lengthwise and are one of the essential spare parts to have with you on your boat. They can also be utilised to create makeshift hydraulic or fuel lines, and can also come in handy when performing tie-downs in extreme situations. 

  1. The Hose Clamps

With the help of spare hose clamps of different sizes, you can use them to store worn water & fuel or even fix hydraulic pipes or hoses in their relevant place as a temporary measure. Once you return to your dock safely, you can proceed to deal with the problem effectively.

  1. The Cable Ties

According to a reliable company offering marine accessories in Perth, cable ties are similar to duct tapes when it comes to versatility. You can utilise cable ties to solve various kinds of issues and they’re great to have in your boat, especially for dealing with unexpected situations. 

  1. The Light Bulbs

Having spare light bulbs with you on your boat is crucial, especially if you sail your boat after daylight. Light bulbs are always very fragile and can get kaput due to differences in voltages. Hence, don’t forget to pack some spares. We suggest using the latest LED bulbs for more efficiency and better lighting. 

  1. The Fuel Filters

Spare fuel filters don’t cost much to obtain and they help your boat’s motor to function properly. All you have to do is to switch out the clogged filter and replace the same with a new one. 

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